Our Process

Where do we Design?

Our design services are available anywhere with access to the internet. We have builders across North America, so please fill out the form. If we do not have an exclusive builder, we will do our best to refer you to a local builder. We can design your project wherever you live as long as you have access to the internet and own a tape measure. This is the wonderful part of designing in this day and age– distance means nothing!

Where do we Build Currently?

Toronto, GTA, Muskoka, Hamilton, Niagara and all of Ontario including Ottawa Windsor and Owen Sound. 

If you know of a builder that would like to do our brand of cutting-edge work– please refer them to us!


Design Consultations: “When you want us to Design It”

We are happy to help you design your deck, fence, pergola or roofed structure or even a full landscape with pools and patios. We do charge a nominal design fee. All companies bury these fees within inflated prices. We like transparency. Let us design your project, and you can have anyone you like to build it for you. Nearly everything in our gallery was designed specifically for the client’s home and budget. One of our designers will guide you through the planning process and the resulting project will be spectacular! It’s what we do.

Our professional designers will conjure up details to blend with the unique style of your home and fit your budget.  Creating these unique details starts with a design consultation which lasts an hour or two and is done for a flat fee. Speak to your local designer for a quote. Our outdoor designer will visit the site, take photos and measurements, speak to you about the project and most importantly they will listen to what you want. They will go through your wish list, critique your ideas and often mention other options or details that might improve functionality or aesthetic appeal. Once they have a handle on the scope of the work, they will offer ballpark budget ranges.

Most of the featured projects in the gallery involved a designer and a  proper set of plans and concepts. Let’s face it–Most quality design work is a collaboration between a gifted builder and a talented designer.


 Get a Quote:  “When you have designs already”

Some builders will offer free 1/2 hour consultation on site, on the phone or in their showroom to discuss your project. Most small, simple projects like standard fences and basic decks can often be estimated during that appointment or over the phone.

If you have your own plans done by a designer, or if you are capable of doing them yourself, please send the plans through (this form). We will follow up by email or come and speak with you in person so that we can see the site.

During a Quotation, junior designers are not going to teach you how to build your deck or fence. We offer DIY Plans for you to learn those things.

Standard shaped decks, replacing an existing deck with the same, re-cladding of existing decks and simple pergolas may be estimated for free. We do however we ask you to put your thoughts on paper and send it in using the form below. Please send a copy of your site plan as well, a photo of it is fine. Fences may be estimated over the phone during the busy season– so please have total footage measured before calling us for pricing from May to September.


Insurance Estimates and Builder’s Estimations

If you have been awarded a job through the tender process, we are happy to quote the work for you. If you are in the process of bidding, we can do estimates for a fee. We do not offer free estimates for this type of bid. Our estimators are happy to supply quotes for Insurance Companies. We do ask that you send photos, dimensions and plans to us so that we can quote these projects efficiently. We do charge for site visits.


Plans and Details for Existing Projects

Click on the Gallery tab above. As you navigate the different sections of the gallery you will notice that certain photos will say that plans are available. Just click on the link to order.

Click on the small images to see the large version, double-click on the image to open the full-size image.

The plans have a DIY or PRO designation. Step by step plans is suitable for beginners. Pro level plans are more suitable for advanced woodworkers. Pro level plans may just be the architectural drawings with designers notes which offer professional tips. We don’t want to insult the pros by dictating the most mundane instructions. All DIY and PRO plans come with free support by email should there be anything you are not clear on. Just send an email with your question and we will help you out as quickly as we can. This is how we keep making our plans better.

You can order these plans right online using Paypal.com ( They take all credit cards)

Our plans are all delivered through email– we do not ship hard copies at this time.


Custom Plans over the Internet

You love the way our structures work and you are confident in our details being superior. Just because we don’t have a builder in your local area, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you create a masterpiece.  Garden Structures of all descriptions can be built from our details. They will be designed to fit perfectly with your home. All you need to do is send your wish list and some photographs to us by email or even through Email. We will give you a firm price to create beautiful concept designs for your home. The plans will be detailed enough to show to local builders so that they can build to the same level of detail as ours.

Send some photos and wish list, along with your contacts to [email protected] and we will get back to you by phone with pricing.

      Arrange a Consultation  (you can insert images into the form)
or Email to [email protected]