About Us

Our First 30 years:

Fence 15 feet
Tennis court fence

Believe it or not, we started out building houses and restaurants. Then commercial carpentry building some of the first few SubWay Restaurants in Canada, trim work in hospitals like Princess Margaret in Toronto, and building commercial buildings. Then there were a few years building estates. This is when the magic happened.

During a 3 year project near Barrie Ontario, the owner was having a hard time making his vision for a tennis court come to life working with Landscape Architects. Our little carpentry company, “Winterburn Group”, as we were known in those days started designing on napkins no less.  A 15′ high tennis court fence and landscape woodwork throughout the property, as well as framing and trimming a guest house with a glass roof. We had found our niche– Between Architects and Builders, We are specialist woodwork designers.


Our Founder Lawrence Winterburn has more than 3 decades experience designing and building Woodwork of all descriptions. The company has existed through all those years but changed the name when the internet became part of the equation.  The big difference between GardenStructure.com and many other companies in the outdoor woodwork sector, and the design business, in general, is that we are actually carpenters. Having actually built things we understand how it all goes together and why some details last longer outdoors.


Through the years we have been featured in nearly every gardening magazine in Canada, as well as newspapers and many magazines in the US. Even a feature on HGTV on “One Garden Two Looks”. We boast some of the most borrowed photography on the internet, since you can pretty much find tens of thousands of copies of our more popular photos spread all across the web at any given time, and we have even had Home Hardware Borrow a few plans and attempt to give them away to its customers for free– “Home Hardware Owners– Helping Homeowners”, we can laugh about it now!

We strive to make as many people as possible happy. We seek out the finest builders to work with. We share as much knowledge with them as we can, we are not perfect, but we are always improving.

What We Do:

We design for GardenStructure.com Clients, The Deck Store, Our Builder Group Members, Paul Lafrance Design and for private clients that connect with us through the website.

We Design, Plan, Organize and Oversee many of these jobs for the above companies. The Deck Store and their 7 locations build all of our decks in Ontario, and artisan builders from our builder group construct the more decorative structures. We have good people that take pride in their work constructing all of our projects here in Southern Ontario. We can’t start next week, and the project may longer than you might like to get finished, but that is how high quality work happens. Good things are worth waiting for.

In locations outside Southern Ontario, we work with chosen builders to bring our unique brand of woodwork to clients, with quality equal to our own crews.

We design DIY projects for corporate clients from time to time, and we have books in draft so keep an eye out for the first one to be released this spring.

We offer professional level working drawings and step by step DIY plans direct from the website in downloadable format only. A small assortment of DIY Plans in printed format is available through Lee Valley Tools, website and in Stores. Presently they are our retailer of choice.

We hope that this website will inspire you to create something beautiful, and we would be grateful to speak to you about any projects you are planning in the near future.

Our Partners:

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