pool pergola with roof

Pergola with Roof PR007

A Pavilion ” Roofed Pergola”, with massive turned columns aside an in ground pool. Shade structures are the crown jewel of any luxury yard.

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A beautiful pool really needs to have a shade structure or Pavilion of some kind. Here we created one with a Roofed Pergola. A red cedar pergola structure with turned fibreglass structural columns give it a grand appearance. (Forgive that the posts did not have the final coat of paint yet).

A stunning roofed pergola by the pool adds elegance and shade.  Relax and enjoy.

These roofed pergolas can be constructed with spans between posts of up to 14′ between posts.  Sizes are virtually unlimited. These are a larger budget item due to the unique structural components. We use our own engineered compression hardware to keep them stable and wind resistant without diagonal bracing. They do require massive footings, so they are not easily installed in an existing patio. Better to plan a structure like this in prior to patio construction.

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