Exotic Hardwood Decks in Toronto
Exotic Hardwood Decks in Toronto

Decks with Privacy- a Tigerdeck deck with privacy screens in Toronto

A Tigerdeck deck in Toronto Ontario with privacy screen.

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Here is a design by Paul Corsetti– clean horizontal lines and Tigerdeck decking that will last 40 years in Toronto Ontario. Tigerdeck is a sustainably grown hardwood, grown in 35 countries around the world. The decking is grooved to allow fastening with stainless clips so that no fasteners are exposed.Tigerdeck decking can be purchased kiln dried, so that it is ready for oil. The oil is specifically formulated for hard wood decks. It should be applied spring and fall, and really, it is more like mopping a floor than re-finishing. You can leave Tigerdeck raw, however it takes a silver grey pigmentation and the beautiful grain is hidden from view.

This is the look many composite decking companies attempt to capture with their products. This is the exclusive quality decking all the other plastic products strive to achieve. Adding planters, furniture and a grill gives a look that says “This is another room in this beautiful house”– not merely a rectangular deck stuck on the back of it.Lets get into the genius of professional deck design — Paul is a trained landscape designer that completed Ryerson’s Landscape Architecture course so he knows a little about designing landscapes and decks. Here he has brought elements of the home into the deck. The simple privacy screens draw from the paneled look of the doors and stucco work in rear facade of the home. There is space for traffic flow between the living room area of this deck, and the dining area. To maintain an open feeling to the deck he placed a sofa rather than a rail–which could have adressed a budget issue, but likely it had more to do with feel.

A deck in a small yard always feels larger without rails. When the landscape becomes mature it will feel like being on a couch in the garden.
Paul designed in landscape lighting for an upscale feel at night. The spaces between the boards in the privacy screen will be exaggerated at night.The panels will illuminate as an artwork canvas in the background. Splashes of colour like the plants and pink pillows make the whole scene pop. This is what happens when you involve a professional designer in the creation of a simple deck. An extra 10% can make a world of difference in the final result.

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