curved decks Muskoka Gravenhurst
curved decks Muskoka Gravenhurst
curved decks Muskoka Gravenhurst
curved decks Muskoka Gravenhurst

Curved Decks in Muskoka

A large curved waterfront deck in Muskoka Ontario. Stunning views are unobstructed by glass rails and wide staircases add a sense of scale to the project.

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This gorgeous deck was built near Gravenhurst Ontario. Designed by, the deck features a graceful curved edge, laminated solid rim joists, laminated 2×9 hand rail cap and inspired staircase to make the trip down to the lake truly gracious.

From any vantage, this deck is stunning. Maximum view of the lake, simple shape and inspired deck detailing throughout.The owner of this home is building a summer home that will be his eventual retirement residence. He approached us for a design just as the house was having the basement poured, which is ideal for us. It gives us a couple of months to get the deck design pinned down.

When you have a waterfront cottage, the view from the water is known as the “Front” of your home, and the cottage is more valuable if this view does justice to the site. This facade from the lake is truly grand. Decks should blend with the home and the surroundings. The glass rails accent the view and allow the vistas to flow through the deck. Circular shape allows better use of the area within. Solid red cedar wood rails laminated with marine epoxy, strength and long lasting beauty.

Drip edges allow the water to be directed away from the inner rail parts which means durability long term. I would expect this hand rail to outlast the exposed frame parts by decades.Many TV Shows claim that kerf cuts in framing are acceptable–the truth is it will lead to early deterioration of the frame. This deck utilizes solid laminations for the curved rim, and solid laminated top hand rail attached to 6×6 posts. As you can see we used Helical footings to support this deck. It makes for a permanent footing.

The staircase lands on giant flagstone patios and as you can see the stairs are sturdily framed.A showpiece deck design, a stunning home, breathtaking scenery in Gravenhurst Ontario– Paradise on Earth!The glass rails offer an unobstructed view of the water and as you can see fits with the home when seen from the interior. Our tempered glass in wood rails allow us to use up to 8′ panels of glass–approved by the engineer!

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