Fence 15 feet - gallery of fence images
Fence 15 feet - gallery of fence images

Big Bay Point Tennis Court Fence and Pergola

This is a 15 foot fence surrounding a tennis court. It was constructed more than 25 years ago. We build them to last. When you want a showpiece feature like this fence and pergola, get in touch with GardenStructure.com!

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Custom fences like these involve extensive planning to achieve a structure that will be easy on maintenance as well as age gracefully. This 300′ long and upto 15′ high Western Red Cedar Fence involved a crew of 30 for 2 months and 2 tandem tractor trailers of lumber. We created 3 concepts (full size), and the client chose details from all 3 that appealed to him. This is a tennis court, so it slopes 1″ per 10′, and that slope is hidden within the sections.  When a 15′ high fence receives stress from the wind it is considerable so strength to resist these factors were built into the design. This fence has been standing near Barrie Ontario for more than 25 years.

The curved pergola has drip edges to shed water, though, they deleted the standing seam roofing, so much of the structure has been affected by rot due to the shortcut. Mouldings were curved two ways for the inner and outer curves in the dressing of this pergola. The pergola is roughly 13′ in height and about 40′ long.

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