Fence Ideas

Some people think fence builders, in general, ran out of fence ideas about 1980 when the first good neighbor fences were created. Talk about a fence idea with legs–everybody wanted a good neighbor fence for the next 30 years. If I never see another sheet of pressure treated lattice my life I will be grateful. Anything done too often, including Hotel California I can personally do without. Creativity rules when it comes to fence design, and like it or not, ideas can be bad when it comes to wood fences.

Use larger posts for durability

Let’s face it, wood eventually rots. A larger piece of wood will rot at the same rate, but it will maintain structural integrity longer. Using 4×4 is going to give you 20 years of durability maximum for most fences. Upgrading to 6×6 may extend that a decade–well worth the couple of hundred in the budget.

Use Pressure Treated for Posts

Even if you are building a cedar or redwood fence, use pressure treated lumber for the posts to maintain strength longer. Clad the posts in Red Cedar or Redwood. Pressure treated posts are stronger than redwoods.

Consider epoxying the part of the post that goes in the ground

Waterproof Epoxy is what they make boats out of. You can apply it with a paint tray and a roller and it will prevent water from infiltrating the pores of the wood. Posts always rot at ground level. Rot needs moisture, air and something to eat… That would be wood.

Use a 2 part footing

A 2 part footing uses concrete in the bottom half and crushed limestone screenings at the top. This is a frost-proof footing that will keep the water off the post. We recently viewed a fence we built 30 years ago with 4×4 red cedar posts and it was still not rotted.

Fence Designs by Experts

When it comes to wood fence designs, experts often disagree. Our experts have been developing new fences for about 30 years.

Above you will find numerous of our best fence designs and click the photos for more information about the projects. You will see that some of our fence designs can be purchased in plan form right on line and delivered as a pdf file.

Anyone can sketch a fence but, will it last?  Will it sag under its own weight? Will it last?  Will the gate work for more than a month? This is where Expert Fence Designers come in.

Fence designs can be quirky or stately, simple or ornate. What matters is that the fence design blends with the environment and adjacent home. Sore thumbs are not fun. Let’s keep fence designs classy.

See some of our Fence Designs on Houzz

Fence Plans by

Fence plans are often designed for the Southern US, and sometimes do not work well when frost is a factor. Our DIY fence plans give you easy to follow step by step instructions to build as well as your local professional fence builders.

The plans all come with free support by email.