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Designer’s Notes — “On Small Decks”

Some people believe that small decks are easy to design. I see them as one of the most challenging things to design. Making a small space function often involves some serious planning to make furniture fit and still allow a pathway through. The most common flaw in deck design often relates to size. Often to make a small platform work you need to downsize the furniture. Finding inspired furniture can be helpful.

Think about what you hope to achieve with your tiny deck. Will it be a kitchen? Will it be a private space? Privacy screens are really just decorative fences. Many designers are including lights and built-in seating and planters to small platforms. Lastly, what will your little deck look like from indoors? The new deck should enhance the view and hide unsightly views of your neighbours– not that your neighbours are not attractive, but you likely don’t want to be on display either.

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