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Pergola Ideas and Pergola Designs

We have been designing pergolas and coming up with ideas for shade structures for about 30 years. There are hundreds of ways to create shade and privacy in the yard, and a pergola is just one of them. We have a section of downloadable plans that include pergola plans (here).

A Pavilion is really just a roofed area in the yard. Like a cabana but without the walls.  A patio cover is often a translucent or a roof that opens and closes, but some in the southern US refer to pergolas as a patio cover.

Pergolas can be made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum and many other man-made materials.  Composite pergolas normally have an aluminum structure within, which makes them pricey in today’s market, but watch for more affordable options soon. Technology is making serious gains in the composite pergola industry.  Learn more about re-cladding decks with composite or composite vs wood here.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a “Room without Walls”

Since the times of the Roman Empire, vertical gardens were how they “Air Conditioned” their living space in the summer months.  They also used pergolas in agriculture, training fruit-bearing plants upward for more exposure to the sun.

These days, pergolas and patio covers are normally more of an architectural element of any great landscape project.

What are Pergolas for?

Pergolas firstly offer shelter from the sun, and by adding spanner you can increase the shade. Paying attention to orientation can also affect the shade quality.

A pergola can also help create privacy. Add privacy screens strategically for greater effect. No one wants to be on display in their own yard– a little creativity can make your space more inviting.

To learn more about origins of the pergola.

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