Large Decks, Ideas, and Designs

Large decks are complex to design and the right specifications are just the beginning of creating inspired decks. Sure, you need heavier footings and beams to support the larger spans, but the size of the structure is just the beginning.

This is where the builders that are well versed in their trade shine. A high-quality builder will pay attention to the crown, and a “Basic” builder will complain that the lumber quality is terrible and that is why the deck has dips in it and is just not level or straight.

You can learn a little about the basics of building in our DIY Plans area or the Decks Blog.  Most people are surprised to learn that not all decks nor builders are created equal. Some builders make the same silly mistakes for 30 years–these are the guys that are constantly having to come back to fix what they build.

Designing Large Decks

Designing large decks that fit the home and actually add to the value of the home are rarely rectangular. We get hundreds of phone calls each year that all start the same way, ” I want a 20 x 12 deck–How much?” My answer typically goes like this, “Why on earth would you want to build a 20 x 12 deck?” Have you no imagination?  You know we can do better than that right?

Just because a deck is simple, doesn’t mean it has to be uninspired. Let’s keep things interesting! Let’s build a beautiful deck, and if the time comes that you want to sell your home may be the deck will help you get more for the home. A boring, character devoid deck will never add value to a home. A showpiece deck, however, may trigger a bidding war.

We design and build decks all over Toronto, The GTA and all of Ontario.

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