Cabanas and Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Designing Cabanas and Outdoor Kitchens involves a little more than just designing decks. Functionality is paramount. A cabana is simply a miniature house that serves a function in the backyard. We specialize in coming up with unique ideas for cabanas and outdoor kitchens. Some people want a kitchen, stand up bar, a den with a fireplace or just a large roofed area. A large roofed area is often referred to as a pavilion. These larger projects in the yard require permits and approvals and often require zoning permissions or variances to make sure they are legal in your municipality. They involve plumbing, electrical work–most everything you would for a home is sometimes applied to a pool house as well.

Outdoor Kitchens are the same as an indoor kitchen, however, they have to be weather suitable. The cabinetry needs weather seals and has to be made of a material that will resist moisture. Depending on the existing architecture of the home, the kitchen should blend with the style of the home. Some people want a fireplace as well as fridge and grill and even a sink. In northern climates, the plumbing needs to be able to be winterized and the fridge needs to be designed to deal with wild temperature fluctuations.

We have local outdoor kitchen builders in Niagara as well as numerous other areas in Toronto and the GTA. See our renderings area for more Kitchen and Cabana Designs in 3D.

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