Our Deck Franchise Alternative

Deck, Fence and Pergola building Franchise Alternative

Licensing that gives many of the benefits of a franchise, without the long term commitment of a franchise. 

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deck-franchise-2You love the idea of doing our type of work but you are not sure that there is a market locally–and you are worried about the economy. Here is your chance to try out Building decks and pergolas with GardenStructure.com. For just $79.99 a month you can now get your area listed under Locations on our site with a showcase page or two, hone your skills with our on-line content and utilize our on-line portfolio during estimates. You will get a 10% discount on concept designs by GardenStructure!

Try it out and then once you know what we can do for you get set up as one of our Exclusive Builder Group  from $329.99 /month where you could be granted an exclusive territory.


Starting a Deck or Fence Company is getting easier!

Making it a success, now that can be a challenge without advantages that we cadeck_franchisen share. A city like Toronto or Atlanta will see 500 new deck companies in any given season… only a handful will make it through the first year.
Will you specialize in basic decks and pergolas? Elaborate? Which is more profitable? Now that depends on your abilities. Builders that get bored easily may need the challenge of doing ever more interesting and intricate work.
Those less skilled builders will specialize in basic decks and fences, which means heavy competition and sales based on Low Bids– that is not where you want to be!
Flyers? Yellow Pages? Newspaper Ads? They will not get you high end work.
Directories like Servicemagic, Craigslist and Canpages? That’s fine if you want the lowest price for your labor… since you will be competing against every new carpenter with a circular saw and a pick-up truck.
Here is the GardenStructure.com Difference.
We get real traffic. About 400,000 unique visitors per year.
That is roughly 10 times many of our competitors sites.

 Application Form

 When you become one of our Accredited Design Builders…

You don’t pay us for leads… you represent us in a given area and only pay us for setup and small monthly licensing fee.
No Royalty Fees like many competitors.
Leads go directly to your email.
WE give YOU a “Best in Business” Web presence that makes your phone ring that can be used as a closing tool during estimates.
YOU get our Installation Guide*, Pricing Guide*, Sales and Marketing Guide* as well as Sketch Sheets for deck and fence estimates.
And all for much less than most small yellow page ads. 
There are Rural and Urban licenses… (Fees vary based on Population)

 Start working leads soon with our $159/Month Decks and Pergolas Referral Program!  ($3979 Setup fee)


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 Whether boosting sales for an existing deck company–or starting a brand new Deck Company, we can help!”

 Supply a product very little competition. Once people see our portfolio of structures Your competitors will Fade from Memory!

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