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carpenter working- glass rails

The Value of Tradespeople–A Moving Target The worth of tradespeople is not top of mind. We think about it the moment we need something done. We quickly jump to “how much will I have to spend–and how can I minimize it”.  This need to minimize what we pay is human nature. We love…(Read More)

deck inspections stairs flawed fail

Top 10 reasons to avoid low bid home improvements. When a home improvement contractor is offering the low bid for anything, the first question that should enter your head is WHY?  Kitchens, Baths and decks and additions are a complex and specialized job to do. Many things need to be planned, designed and a team…(Read More)

changing a wood deck to composite

Should we change this wood deck to composite? We are thinking of changing this old wood deck to composite, how much will it cost?  Ok, slow down there. We hear this question more and more these days. Since the EPA banned a few chemicals from exterior stain, none of the stains work very well. That…(Read More)

Decks : Top 12 features included in the best decks for long term value! 1. Better footings Building the best deck you can on concrete plugs makes no sense at all. How do you know how strong the soil below that concrete is? Will moisture running through the ground cause that footing to shift? Was there…(Read More)

DIY-Plans for pergolas, fences and garden structures

DIY Plans and Designs –  Designer’s Notes For many years DIY plans were designed by amateur woodworkers. When stores discovered our products they were shocked that these plans were created by actual professional builders. Because we build, and we developed these details they will actually teach you skills. Nowadays, we are busy updating the original…(Read More)

The Best Toronto Pergolas –  A Toronto Pergola Company is a Toronto Pergola Builder. We have been building pergolas in Toronto since before most people knew what they were. When you do pergolas for 30 years you have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and come up with better solutions to issues that…(Read More)

Toronto Deck Builders – When you want to build beautiful decks in Toronto and the GTA. We are Toronto Ontario’s Deck Builders. Choosing the right deck builders involves questions and answers. You might speak to many different builders before deciding which one you trust to create “That Perfect Deck” for your Toronto home. Clients often…(Read More)