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Decks : Top 12 features included in the best decks for long term value! 1. Better footings Building the best deck you can on concrete plugs makes no sense at all. How do you know how strong the soil below that concrete is? Will moisture running through the ground cause that footing to shift? Was there…(Read More)

New Composite Decking

Composite Decking VS Wood Decks By Lawrence Winterburn Updated  11-25-2016 New Things Are Happening in the Composite Industry Composite decking, at least the composite products that people were complaining to me about for the past 15 or so years is dead. Nobody buys the old porous, mold creating composites anymore. Why??? Advancements have…(Read More)

Deck Builders in Toronto and GTA Choosing the right deck builders in Toronto involves questions and answers. You might speak to many different deck builders before deciding which one you trust to create “That Perfect Deck” for your Toronto home. Clients often ask which decking lasts the longest, how big can I build? Do I…(Read More)

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