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We design and build decks and pergolas in Oakville ON, and have been for 3 decades. Please drop into the gallery of decks above to see some of our fabulous work.

Decks are architecture, however, it is a part of the architecture that architects don’t participate in. Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects will often design a deck, but normally it is just a concept or dated details from books that were written by people in the Southern States. Modern decks and details are a speciality without a school to learn from. IN our humble opinion, nobody should be designing decks that haven’t a clue what crown is and why it is important. We grew up in Oakville, and we have seen thousands of decks that we would deem failed projects. When a deck does not last 20 years it is a failure.

We are specialist designers of decks. We design them to last and we design them to look spectacular. Most of our decks are designed to last 30-70 years. Yes, they come with a larger budget than a 10-year deck–but that is just common sense. We normally are not the choice of first-time homeowners, though we should be. House flippers also rarely work with us. When you are building your forever home–we are your design builders. Please get in touch!

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Wedding Pergola Pavilion Entrance
Pergola Pavilion– Designed to be an entrance to wedding tent in Oakville