Pavilion with Pergola over hot tub in Mississauga ON

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Pergola Builders Mississauga – creating incredible outdoor spaces! We have been building shade structures in the Mississauga area for about 20 years now. We are known for creating inspired pergolas that are uniquely suited their surroundings.

Let us bring comfort and beautiful surroundings with a new pergola or shade structure to your yard this year! Our structures come with a 5-year workmanship warranty. All our pergolas and outdoor structures are designed by a master craftsman.  All our shade structures are expected to last 30 years or more.

We are always looking for talented builders – Get involved here!

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Pergola with roof above, photo shows decorative rafter cuts.
A pergola with a roof above


Mississauga pergolas company - Shade structure designers and builders.
Shade Structures at night


Pergola over hot tub at night in Mississauga ON
An evening in the hot tub, with pergola overhead in Mississauga.


Shade structure pergola with columns in Mississauga
Shade Structures with turned columns


pergolas turned columns design in Mississauga
Turned columns and lights help add style to shade structures at night.


Pool Patio Pergola with Roof
A roofed poolside pavilion.


Mississauga Decks with pergolas
A deck in Mississauga. To see more decks in Mississauga, click here.

Shade Structures- Famous Designs

Shade structures range from minimalist to decorative. Most homes are fairly formal so when we design we try to match the style to that of the home. We have so many styles of structures that normally people can choose something that fits well from the gallery. When a client wants a special shade structure we will design from scratch. Hand-drawn sketches of our ideas, then scaled drawings… then full photorealistic renderings of their completed shade structure attached to their home. Why guess–let’s see how it will look finished!!

Pergola Builders Mississauga- What is a Design Consultation?

When you arrange a consultation with, you speak and we listen. We will ask you questions and thoughtfully listen to your answers. Before we design, we want to understand why you are having a pergola built in Mississauga.  Is it for Shade? Privacy? Protection from the elements? Does your home in Mississauga just need some architectural accents to dress it up a little? Our designer will take some measurements, take some photos then do simple sketches to confirm what you are thinking. Our shade structure designer will likely offer some suggestions as well.

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