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A cedar redeck in huntsville with invisirails and privacy screens
Huntsville Decks

Wouldn’t it be nice if all decks built in Huntsville lasted a long time and looked good throughout their lifespans? We are doing our best to help make that happen, one deck building project at a time.

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Outdoor kitchen designs designers of decks
Designers of decks and outdoor kitchens

A design needs to be inspired and contain clarity of vision. Here are a couple of our designs, and the final version will follow. This will give you an idea of our process from start to finish. We start by meeting with the clients to listen to their wish list.  We take photos and measurements and if we will be designing the deck, we create concepts in 2D, and then 3D if required.

Builders of decks in Huntsville
Designers and builders of decks

This was the first concept design for this project. They opted to go for the straight lines rather than the curves.

Huntsville decks- Duncan
Deck Builders in Huntsville– a hot tub on the second floor of this deck

We ended up installing a hot tub on the lower level, roughly 25′ off the ground.

A 3 Story deck constructed on a cliff
Huntsville Deck Company

All 3 levels of deck visible, not for those with a fear of heights!

A double egg outdoor kitchen Big Green Eggs
An outdoor kitchen in Huntsville.

Here is the outdoor kitchen with “Big Green Eggs”.

Deck designers in Huntsville
Best deck designers in Huntsville

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