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A deck reface in Guelph ON. We added privacy screens, pergola and custom rails to dress up this deck in Guelph. Prefinished materials kept maintenance low.
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You have gone with the low bid only to be disappointed in the results.  It’s your time to have a brilliant deck design created by designers and constructed by talented elite builders. We build quickly and efficiently using all the best modern materials. Our Low maintenance decks constructed in Guelph ON come with a full 10-year Workmanship and Labor Warranty.

This existing builders deck was refaced to add larger steps, pergola and privacy screens.
A builders deck in Guelph Ontario

This was a builders deck in a planned community in Guelph ON. The patios went in after the photo, but we refaced this deck on a budget to add some style and shade. To see more elaborate decks please see our Gallery of Deck Designs here.  All great decks start with professional deck plans.

When we do a rendering we show you precisely what your yard will look like when we are done. Decks, fences, privacy screens and patios can be a beautiful thing when designed well.
A Rear yard rendering with custom privacy screens, patio and fire pit.

We are designers first–which means if visualizing what we propose is important to you. We can create photorealistic 3D deck designs for you!

We incorporate actual photos of the site into the plans to show you precisely what your deck or outdoor woodwork will look like.

Floating decks don't have to look like floating decks, nor do they need to be temporary. This deck in Guelph is built upon grade beams, not deck blocks. This poured foundation is similar to what you find supporting many garages.
A floating red cedar deck in Guelph ON

This deck was designed with a floating foundation to exempt the project from building bylaws and zoning requirements in Guelph.  At the time, if a deck was less than 24″ high and not attached to the home, a deck of any size was permitted.

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