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Note: If it is a simple project for which you have working drawings prepared by Yourself, a Landscape Designer or Architect.

Please include Designs in PDF or Jpeg Format as well as Photos of the acces and areas affected.

“In order to be environmentally conscious, everything we can do to conserve fossil fuels should be done. Unnecessary trips to a site for free estimates are just not practical in this day and age”

Design Consultations: (Form)

When you don’t know what you want, and you want to defer to our expertise in order to design it for you, please fill out the form with as much as you know how to. No need to stress if you aren’t a techie. Just fill out what you can and we will set up a time to call by email. If you live within our service area we will do a phone consultation and if necessary a site consultation.

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Over the past few years we have realized that answering phone calls on demand is not the best use of our time. In order to best service our clients our best people are busy designing, planning and building. Allowing people to access our designers and builders on demand by phone hampers their ability to concentrate on their work. Interruptions every minute or two through the spring and summer breaks up the flow of concentrated work. An average week in the summer sees 100 calls from salespeople trying to sell us something, 300 calls to ask for our lowest price on a 15′ fence downtown, and about 50 business related phone calls that would be better serviced if other calls were not coming in on top through call waiting. Through the form you can get a timely message to us, and we will return your message through email or phone at your convenience.

We respect your time, however we also respect that of our employees. Mistakes take time, and interupted work flow breeds mistakes. Mistakes have consequences that can lead to poor service for our clients.

If you make 10 calls to deck companies during the busy season, you may get through to 2. There is a 50% chance that the contractor answers the phone, and 50% chance it is an answering machine or service which doesn’t do anyone any good. We don’t want to waste your time with that. Give us information, we will give you inspired information back, and everyone will be happier for it. Thank you for trying us out and working with us!

 If you dislike this practice or believe it to be an unfair or unwise, please fill out the Contact Us form above and tell us what you think!

Ps: If we are building a project for you, you will most certainly have the number of everyone involved though we do prefer texts and emails–they are much more efficient.